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Shamanic Healing Services

(Please note: Energy healing and divination is a form of spiritual practice and not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care). 

Shamanic Extraction

Remove old stuck energies that are no longer serving you and restore flow in the body.


I can undertake a journey to consult with my helping spirits on any questions that you may have about your life.

Cord Cutting

Cut energetic cords or attachments to other people, places, or things so that you can reclaim sovereignty over your own energy field. 

Soul Retrieval

I will work with my helping spirits to find and return lost soul pieces. It is said that a piece of your soul will leave for you to survive a traumatic event. Returning the piece helps create wholeness at the soul level.

Shamanic Counseling

I can aid you in learning how to engage in the shamanic journey so that you can seek guidance and healing for your life.

Journey Circles

Monthly journey circles where you can meet with link minded people and learn spiritual methods for personal growth. 

Power Animal Retrieval

The oversoul of a species will offer themselves for aid with bringing you strength and power. 

House Clearings

Help compassionately relocate or cleanse energies that are causing problems in your dwelling space. 

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